taste and see

“Earth’s crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God, But only he who sees takes off his shoes; The rest sit round and pluck blackberries.”

Taste, touch, hear, smell, see.

Why did God create the senses? The world could be in black and white. Smell like nothing. Taste like nothing. Sound like nothing.

But instead, the earth is teeming with the grandeur of God.

I think God enjoys beauty. creativity. glory. color. story. Vibrant stories are the best ones.

Tenwek Hospital tells quite a marvelous story. I hope you will join me in this story, as I’m back at Tenwek for the month of February. The purpose of my trip is to train and orient the new FOT Ambassador, Richard Glenn, who will be FOT’s liaison, representing our organization at Tenwek Hospital. I also look forward to meeting and connecting with leadership and staff; as well as gathering stories, reports and updates for our donor communications.

Earth is crammed with heaven. Rural Kenya is charged with the grandeur of God. Soak it in, the glory of God!

SEE the beauty of our beloved Kenya.

Me, Richard Glenn and Dean Cowles – Team FOT!

HEAR the pouring rain.

En route for hot chai and dinner at the Fair Hills Hotel.

SMELL the fresh paint and cold concrete and loud steel.

Big construction gal
Cardiothoracic Hospital – to be completed Dec 2023.
Sue Steury building – to be completed in April (thanks to the generosity of many of you!)

TASTE the colorful and abundant fruits and vegetables.

Caroline’s Tuesday market outside of Community Health.
Oil cup, anyone?

TOUCH the sweet patients who are being healed at Tenwek Hospital.

Dr. Russ White visiting a patient who will receive heart surgery this week.

May we know more of God’s love, wisdom, power, faithfulness and GLORY through this created world – especially at Tenwek Hospital.

Looking forward to telling the story along the way!

*quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

2 thoughts on “taste and see

  1. Love the pictures and that you are doing what you love ❤️. Enjoy the beauty of God’s work and blessings.


  2. Hello, my friend,

    So fun to see you in our beloved Kenya, helping to set up a healthcare facility doing outstanding work to welcome the range of volunteers that want to contribute to the daily care of people.

    I want to see you—will be in DC in late April. BTW, do you have a good living situation in DC? Let me know if you are looking for roommates.

    Hugs, Lynn



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