time, slow down!

Snapshots of life, lately. My time in Kenya is FLYING by!!! I love this place 🇰🇪

Went to Emmanuel’s church, then visited his home. Church was only 2.5 hours due to COVID restrictions 😉

Safari with some new friends!

Enjoying the challenge and fun of cooking in rural Kenya. Examples: lugging clean water up three flights of stairs, soaking all of my vegetables in vinegar before use, recipe improvising without easy access to a grocery store…

Pet sitting for missionary families – including a turtle named Funny

She was glad to have Funny back

Game night with visitors

Catching up with friends like Dr. Elijah Terer (family med doc)

One of my heroes in life – Solomon Rop, Physical Therapist

Many early mornings guiding visitors up Mt Motigo to watch the sunrise

Day in the life – jogging with Janie


1 thought on “time, slow down!

  1. Love all of your updates ❤
    Enjoy your time in Kenya and continue to grow in God’s grace!
    Much Love


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