as of late :)

IM STILL ALIVE!!! STILL SOMEWHERE IN THE MIDDLE OF AFRICA!!!! STILL WISH I COULD THINK OF A MORE CREATIVE BLOG TITLE! Still filter my water, still use a mosquito net at night, still can’t find cheese within 50 miles, still happy as a clam : ) and still can’t decide which photos to share, soooo…..

total *milking a cow* girl
HOOK EM 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
hepatitis on a stick – YUM!
big city shoppin !
clean water is the BEST GIFT!!!
standing, smiling and posing in the rain in front of a giraffe while wearing cheetah print
feeding a giraffe while wearing cheetah print
they call it alien ID card – so they wanted me to look like one in the pic
new life in the form of a wheelchair!!!! hallelujahs be multiplied!
O POSITIVE!!!!!!! O positively passed out
should I franchise?
“Unless she’s pulling a fake in those photos she sends us, Janie is very happy in Kenya and that makes me happy!” -my grandparents
literal squashed potato
sun rising over the kakamega forest
sums up my life
sums up my life part 2
goodbyes and hellos on repeat : (
chicken wrangler on repeat : )
Amy on the corner
I LOVE meeting brand new babies – welcome to the best adventure EVER!
sweeeet Lorna!
random experiences that literally cannot be explained 101
I hang out w middle aged friends here too!
and chair of the birthday committee
NICU here looks slightly different from NICU there
my friend Betty and her son Victor – one day I’ll write an entire blogpost on this hero of mine
see the charcuterie board? I MADE THAT YO
MORE clean water!
when I told her to smile
my boots to work on my farm, obviously
tom ebner – his wife died 15 years ago, but still wears his wedding ring </3
nothin to do in rural kenya…. but play CARDS!
great friends of all kinds from all places
❤ !!

6 thoughts on “as of late :)

  1. I like the squashed potato baby


  2. Seeing you milk a cow reminds me when I had to milk the our cow years ago. About the time I got the bucket full she picked up both back feet and put them in the bucket. I never milked her again.

    Sent from my iPad



  3. Excellent blog, Cheryl and I laughed through the whole thing, well done



  4. Love seeing pictures of all your adventurers! Much love sweet girl💓


  5. Love this and love your update. You make me lol


  6. so happy to see pictures from you!! it is so inspiring to see your life and how you live it. thank you janie!


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